How Drug Abuse Organizations help?

When attempting to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction, some may find it useful to seek out a local branch of a drug abuse organization. There are a multitude of drug abuse organizations to choose from, so a recovering addict might be overwhelmed with the decision of finding the right one. Many are local groups run by former addicts who want to give back to their community, some local religious groups may run monthly programs, and others are local branches of national drug abuse organizations.

No matter the support group the recovering addict decides to align themselves with, there are a few key guidelines that any legit group will adhere to. First and foremost, the group should be abstinence based. If the group allows its attendees to dabble with illegal narcotics while purporting to be a drug abuse organization, it probably will not prove to be the most successful group you could attend.

The other main facets of the group should be to provide the recovering addicts with positive reinforcement and the emotional support of like-minded individuals. Recent studies have proven that recovering users will more frequently flourish in environments wherein they feel comfortable, so harsh admonishments and judgements will only cause the recovering addict to withdraw from the group; this kind of behavior will likely lead to continued drug use.

Additionally, the more productive drug abuse organizations will instruct the recovering addict in coping mechanisms to help them manage their cravings. The coping mechanisms they learn during these meetings will help the user to manage the common pitfalls of defeatist behaviors and attitudes.

Most drug abuse organizations hold weekly walk-in meetings; other groups additionally offer online support and twenty-four hour hotlines.

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