How do I Find the Right Kind of Behavior Counseling for My Child?

It is not easy for any parent to admit that they, their family, or especially their child needs professional help. But once that decision is reached the next question will be what type of behavior counseling is right for my child? While there are literally dozens of degreed professionals in the field of behavior counseling, all of who will try to answer that question, the person who can really answer it best is – you.

Within reason, just about every theory or philosophy of behavior counseling has merit, and has achieved positive results for children and their families. The key is to find a philosophy that most closely relates to your own beliefs. After all any behavior counselor, no matter what discipline or doctrine, will agree that the greatest results occur with a cooperative family that actively participates in their own counseling and therapy. You can only do that with someone you see “eye-to-eye” with from the outset. Regardless of what type of behavior counseling you choose, again all professionals agree the first step is to take an honest look at your child’s behavior.

Once you have chosen a professional in which you find trustworthy and feel 100% comfortable with, work with them to get the most out of your child’s behavior counseling. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, the specialists are counting on your questions and input to get a better idea of what the problems are therefore how they will need to fix them. Play the middle man by listening to your child’s teachers, school counselors, and other adults observant of your child’s behavior and giving these messages to the professional you are turning to. Become informed of your child’s issues, follow through on all professional advice and treatment plans, and build a support system from family, friends, and self-help groups. You will find that behavior counseling can be a positive experience for your entire family bringing joy back into your home, and peace.

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