How can I help my teenage child who suffers from bipolar disorders?

Thousands of young children suffer from bipolar disorders which is also known as maniac depression. There can be several symptoms and they vary from child to child. Bipolar disorders causes mood swings in children. If your child is irritable or extremely happy almost every day, there can be a possibility of maniac depression. It can occur in the child at any age. The frequency and duration of a symptoms can diversify. The symptoms observed in one child would not be same as in another child.

What to do if my child suffers from bipolar disorders?

Follow the prescription:
The medication schedule should be followed strictly. Use of timers and reminders can be a good option to remember the timings of the doses of the medicine. If the child needs to take medicine during school hours, talk to the teacher or the nurse at school. Do whatever that needs to be done. But the dose of the medicine should not be missed.

Check the side effects:
Studies have shown that the medicines used for bipolar disorders have certain side effects. If you notice sudden weight gain or changes in the cholesterol or blood pressure, contact the doctor immediately. There are chances that the suicidal or self harming tendency gets developed in the child due to certain medicines.

Discuss the problem with the teachers:
Some kids need frequent breaks or special allowances. It is a good idea to talk to the teacher and sign the agreement if needed. The teachers and the school principal needs to be aware that the child suffers from bipolar disorder.

Stick to a proper schedule:
The child suffering from bipolar disorders can be benefited by a daily routine. Help the child to eat meals at a fixed time, make him exercise regularly and sleep at a fixed time. This can reduce the stress at home.

Bipolar disorder is more common in teenagers than the adults. Try not to impose anything on your child. Keep the child away from alcohol and drugs as it can worsen the condition of the child. Mood stabilizing medicines should be introduced in the children. Consult a doctor if your child suffers from bipolar disorders.

Talk to the child:
You need to know what and how your child feels. Communicate with your child and spend some time with them on a daily basis. If the child thinks about suicide or self harming, keep the weapons away from the kids. You should not ignore the suicidal threats.

Early diagnosis of the problem is very important. If you feel that your child has frequent mood swings, take him to a doctor to find out if he suffers from bipolar disorders. The parents should be patient as bipolar disorder is a long term issue. Hyperactive children can be diagnosed with bipolar disorders. The mental health issues can make the child think about suicide. Hence, the parents should look after their child well. If your kid feels “too high” or “too low” several times, professional help should be taken.

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