How Behavior Modification Research Shows Times Are Changing

The world in which you grew up in was a piece of cake compared to the world that your children are growing up in. Behavior modification research has shown this to be true, which means that the methods your parents employed in raising you will not work for your own children.

One thing that will never change is a parent’s undying love for their child and eagerness to keep him/her safe from harm. This is not an easy task today because we live in a very dangerous world, one in which events take place that are out of our hands to control; events such as terrorist attacks, earthquakes and tornadoes.

Twenty years ago, most parents just kept their children close to them or in the care of people they knew they could trust; however, today this method doesn’t work. Kids are now more eager than ever to branch out on their own and establish their own identity. Because of this, parents need to teach their children the proper behavior for life and its many curveballs it will throw at them.

This method is somewhat trial and error. Your children are going to fall and make mistakes. You will need to be there to pick them back up, to listen to their concerns and answer their questions. Behavior modification research has shown this is the best way in today’s society. You need to understand that your child is highly likely to encounter a traumatic event in the course of their development; however, don’t blame yourself. Your role is to be there for them and help them recover.

Behavior modification research has shown this to be the most effective way for raising children today. Don’t try and fight it, but accept it and use it to your advantage. You can still do just as good a job of raising your kids this way, than if you kept them sheltered all of their young lives.


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