Helplines for Teens

A few days ago we talked about hotline for parents with troubled teenagers, which hotlines are good and where to find them, and the most important thing, why are they important and essential. Now we are going to discuss hotlines for teens, the same deal, why they are important and what are the best recourses. Like parents, teenagers sometimes need help from the outside of their every day circle. Although a parent or a friend might help, there are certain delicate issues that a teenager can only talk about with a professional, most of all, an anonymous professional. Sometimes, not rare at all, the person on the other side of the phone might also be a teenager with some experience, which makes teenagers feel more comfortable.

Helplines for Teens The two most common reasons why teenagers call and why they should call a hotline for teens are immediate danger or a critical situation and a need for advice. The first one may include everything from drug overdose to domestic violence, it refers and is most commonly related to a hard to deal situation that is happening at the moment, which takes around 30% of all calls made by teenagers to a hotline for teens.

The other, even more used, reason is advice, which counts for more than 50% of all calls made to a hotline for teens, which is normal. Most teenagers are confused and prefer to keep their problems to themselves or share them with a stranger. Here are a few websites that offer all of the needed hotlines for teen numbers and several educational sites that might help teens to deal with some issues, the most important thing for every teenager to realize is knowing that he or she is not the first person to go through that situation and that there is a way out of it.

The first website a recommend is EHealth4Teens, the website offers all of the needed numbers of hotlines for teens and plenty of useful information for teen health, from nutrition to drug and alcohol abuse.

The other website is CheckYourself, the website offers every needed hotline and crisis satiation number and offers a few links to websites that provide detailed information about certain teen issues and ways to solve them.

The third and the last website I will recommend is called PAMF, which is short for Palo Alto Medical Foundation. They have the largest database of hotline numbers and websites that deal with certain issues, the website itself offers plenty of information and a means for education.

The need for hotlines is here and hotlines for teens are very important. Statistically speaking, only one out of 20 teenagers that calls a hotline will try to harm himself or end up in a bad state due to some other issue. What you need to realize that only 10% of teenagers that are known to have issues are calling crisis hotlines, and those that don’t call have about 50-50 chance to end up hurt or in a bad state.

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