Helplines for Parents

Unfortunately we live in the day and age when every parent needs to be prepared for the worse. There are ways to prevent bad things from happening to our children, but just in case parent needs to be prepared. There are two ways to deal with the worst possible situation. The first one is to be educated; meaning to learn everything possible about warning signs and to know what to do depending on a situation your teen child might be in. The second one is to have all the hotline phones handy. If you don’t know what to do maybe someone else does, so a hotline number for a specific situation can be pretty handy in a difficult situation.

Helplines for Parents Hotlines are not like they were before, they can be sued for emergencies, yes, but you can also take on a line which will connect you with someone that will walk you through to a possible scenario, thus preparing you for the worse. You can find hotline for almost anything these days, from suicide hotline and child abuse hotline to domestic violence and eating disorder hotline. Hotlines for parents are unfortunately becoming a sort of necessity, but it’s better if they can help you than some other alternatives. I am going to recommend a few websites that offer hotline services and advice, so not only will you get the numbers you need but you will also have a chance to educate yourself in order to prevent some terrible situation from happening at all.

The first website I am going to recommend is PBS, they have plenty of authority in everything, but they have a special branch dealing with hotlines and help for parents and their teenage children. Not only will you find the phone numbers you are looking for but you will also find a great list of websites that deal with certain teenage issues, so you get both the crisis numbers and a bunch of places to educate yourself.

The second website is Parent Hotline, the title says it all. The website is dedicated strictly to helping parents deal with troubled teenagers and almost every known teenage issue. They have extensive experience so they might be the perfect fit in helping you deal with your troubled teenager.

The third and the last website I am going to recommend All About Counseling, they have an extensive list of crisis hotline numbers and services available on their website. Just like the websites mentioned above they can also help you educate yourself on many known teenage issues, from drug abuse and child abuse to domestic violence and special branches for youth hotline and parent hotline.

I sincerely hope you never get into a situation when you have to call a hotline for parents, but just in case you can inform yourself on these sites. After all it is a parent’s duty to protect his children.

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