Great Gift Ideas for the High School Graduate

It can be a scary time for parents when their children are getting ready to graduate for high school. Both the parents are nervous about the future, but also excited about all the possibilities. To commemorate this time of life it has become customary for parents to get their teenager a gift. Parents usually want to get their child something useful for college, but also something that is memorable. Deciding what it is they want to get them can be difficult, so here are some tips to help parents pick out a great high school graduation gift for their new high school graduate.

For the scientifically minded student, there’s really no better gift than a high-quality microscope that they can use in the college studies. Many colleges have microscopes in their laboratories for student use, but giving a recent grad going off to college one of their own will help them do work on their own outside of a classroom setting, which will help them to get better grades in their classes and learn more. Plus, a high-quality microscope is something a scientifically minded person will keep and maintain their whole life, and every time they look at it, they’ll likely remember where it came from and why it was given to them.

If the high school graduate you’re buying for isn’t what you would call scientifically minded, but is planning on pursuing their education in college, a set of quality encyclopedias can make an excellent gift. Encyclopedias are something the high school graduate can take to college with them and use in all of the studies, no matter what classes they take or what major they end up choosing. Any student going to college can benefit from a set of recent, good-quality encyclopedias. Encyclopedias are also something students can keep for years since much of the information – historical events, for example – won’t change from year to year.

Educational Support
Giving your high school graduate money can seem like an empty gesture, and in many cases, it may not get used for something completely beneficial. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t provide financial support to a high school graduate for their college education. If your high school graduate is paying for college themselves, offer to pay for the books for a few classes or even a whole semester. You could even pay for their meal plan during their first semester if they live on campus. Talk with the school and the student to find out what fees or expenses you can cover to help with their education.

Today, college supplies don’t look the way they use to. Schools are putting more and more emphasis on technology being used in the classroom. With this emphasis a reliable computer is a great gift for a high school graduate as they will be spending a lot of time one it. Other gadgets to go with it such as a printer will also be helpful and greatly appreciated by any student entering college.

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