Helping Your Teen Learn How To Drive

Learning to drive is one of the parts of growing up for every teen and most teens can’t wait to get behind the wheel, which is one more reason for parents to take things into their own hands and ensure that their child knows the dangers of the road and understands the responsibility of being a driver. Learning your teen how to drive can be a real nerve wrecker for both teenagers and parents, for teens it is obvious why, for parents; well they are worried about their child, about their car and about general safety. We all know what dangers the road can bring, so it is normal that we are nervous the first time.

Helping Your Teen Learn How To DriveBut we as parents have the responsibility of preparing our children for the road by helping them practice their driving skills one skill at a time. That will help them develop confidence behind the wheel, it will help them get some experience behind the wheel and it will eventually prepare your teen for the road that lies ahead.
One thing you have to understand as a parent and as a new driving teacher is that you need to have more patience than your child. Learning how to drive is not hard, but experience is what counts. The more experience and more driving hours the more confident the drivers become and his skills also become better. Set your goals for each driving lesson and never go for long driving lessons as concentration can fall for both of you, you want to keep it short but effective. Start with an empty parking lot:

  • Practice turning and braking
  • Let your child get the feel for the wheel and the car itself
  • Practice where the basic commands are, defrosters, lights, windshield wipers
  • How to slow down around curves
  • How to stop a car and how to approach a stop sign
  • Understanding the rules of the road and reading signs
  • How to keep a safe follow distance
  • How to make a left turn on a two way road
  • How to navigate around animals, bikers, runners and pedestrians

Once all of these basics are down you can practice more advance driving on a busier road or highways.

  • How to change lanes
  • How to merge into traffic
  • How to maintain a safe speed
  • How to understand different lanes
  • Practice approaching, slowing down and stopping at traffic lights

Teach your teen how to anticipate other drivers behavior, how to follow rules of the road until all of that is imprinted into his hands, feet and his reflexes. One of the things that you should never skip is teaching your child how to drive in different conditions, some people have hard time with night driving, so make sure you go out a few times after the sun sets. Also, some people learn how to drive in the summer and when the winter comes they can’t handle their car with all the snow and ice, so make sure that you cover everything when you are teaching your teen how to drive. Take it slow, one lesson at a time, be patient and become a resource for your child and everything will turn out great.

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