Helping Your Teen Find the Perfect Summer Job

A5_June_PTM_Teen Summer JobFilling your teen’s days with meaningful, quality, and beneficial activities is one of the biggest challenges of parenting. This is particularly true once summer rolls around and the school year comes to an end. Working a summer job is an ideal option for many teens. Parents can help their teen find the perfect summer job, and hopefully avoid hearing wails of boredom come July.

Consider Your Teen’s Talents and Interests

This is especially important if your teen is resistant to the idea of getting a summer job. Finding a job that appeals to your teen’s interests and talents is a great way to get them excited at the prospect of working throughout the summer. Even if they do not become excited, they may agree to working if they get to do something that they enjoy. Some possibilities may include being a lifeguard, babysitting, doing lawn work, or working at a local retail store.

Start the Search

If you want to help your teen find the perfect summer job, you need to know where to look. One of the best places to start is your local classified ads. These can be found in local newspapers, online, and on national websites like Craigslist. Review the job postings and see if there are any activities that may appeal to your son or daughter. Circle those that pique their interest and contact the employer to learn about the application process.

Market Your Teen

If your teen is in the market for a flexible side job, such as babysitting or lawn care, you can be their biggest advertiser. Be sure to touch base with your friends, family, and coworkers. Let them know that your teen is available throughout the summer for babysitting, lawn mowing, pet care, housecleaning, or whatever the task may be. In addition to spreading the word verbally, help your teen create an ad or flyer that he can display throughout the community.

Ace the Interview

When it comes to summer jobs, the job interview process is often informal. It is still important, however, that your teen make a good first impression when approaching a job interview. Help your child choose his or her interview attire, and take some time to practice answering potential interview questions. Review their job credentials and help them learn how to speak to an employer in a professional and courteous manner.

Safety First

With any summer job, your child’s safety is of the utmost importance. If your child has found formal employment at a local restaurant or store, help them plan their transportation. If your child is walking or biking home after dark, have them call home before they leave work so that you can keep an eye out for their arrival. If they are working side jobs, such as babysitting or doing lawn work, take the time to contact their employers yourself. You should know the terms of each job, where your child will be working, and how long the job should take. If anything seems out of the ordinary, tell your teen to politely decline the job and continue their search.

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