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If you are looking for a boarding school which will unite your family through education, growth and change, then Academy at Ivy Ridge will agree with you.

Ivy Ridge prides itself to be a boarding school for the future. They are progressive and at the same time, it connotes their commitment to give your children a better future by way of scholastic, social and moral teachings. Ivy Ridge wishes to challenge and motivate students by developing their leadership skills, necessary to become responsible and productive members of society.

Academy at Ivy Ridge sits on 237 acres of land overlooking the St. Lawrence River, the majority of which are heavily forested. The forested area provides plenty of outdoor recreational space and nature trail where occasionally we spot flocks of wild turkeys and herds of deer.

The facility has over 200,000 square feet of building space which houses classrooms, dorms, recreational areas, computer centers, science labs, food services, and offices. Recently, their campus now includes an additional gymnasium/locker room complex, additional classrooms and covered walkway to connect the main buildings.

Educating teens involves imparting of wisdom they might be using for the rest of their lives. By experiencing an individualized and self-paced educational program at Ivy Ridge, students will foster a self motivation quality that they will treasure for the rest of their adulthood.

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