Fun Things to Help Bipolar Youth Development

The more we learn about bipolar youth the more we begin to realize that there are many things to help them stay on track with development sometimes even counteract the symptoms to completely cancel out uncomfortable behavior. While it was once standard to simply place the child on medications and watch to see what happens, we have now learned that things become better with a little hands on techniques. Although a bipolar child does face far more challenges than the average, they too can have just as much fun while improving their abilities doing some of the exact same activities as everyone else.

Try some of these recommended activities:

1) Toys:

LEGOS – This is a great way to allow bipolar youth to use their creativity while not limiting them to a certain amount of work. They can do something very simple using only a few LEGOS or make something awesome using a lot.

Puzzles – Choosing puzzles that feature a image the child finds interesting will help them become excited about completing it therefore make them try longer. When picking out the puzzles you should try to keep the count low as they may not want to come back to it at a later time. The general count should be between 20-40 pieces or so.

Role Playing Games – As with all children bipolar youth love to dress up as someone else. Don’t think that you are making them disapprove of themselves by encouraging them to pretend to be superheroes, princesses, or anything else their imagination turns them to. In fact, don’t be surprised if they pretend to be someone else even when dressed and acting as themselves. This is a perfectly normal activity for all children.

2) Activities:

Painting and other crafts – Children with bipolar disorder are usually VERY creative but need a little help getting it out. Painting, stickers, and drawing give them the opportunity to express themselves in creative and fun ways.

Sports – A perfect way to let out all that energy! Give them a soccer ball, basketball, or even pitch them a few baseballs and they will be happily surprised at how well they catch on. Playing outside is great for all children no matter what age.

Reading – Whether you are reading to them or they are reading to you this is an excellent way to spend some peaceful time together. Try putting the book down and just telling each other a story. This will allow them to picture themselves in far away dream lands giving them a positive feeling.

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