Free Government Booklet on Depression Can Help You Identify Your Kid at Risk

We hear it often on the news, children becoming depressed and acting irrationally since no one caught the suspicious behavior soon enough. When worried that your child may be suffering from depression, all mental health specialists urge that you take the steps, such as ordering a depression booklet, to ensure their future well being. If you suspect your child may be suffering with feelings of depression, but you’re not even sure what to do you can find all the information to get started in the free depression booklet offered by numerous mental health resources. Questions like, “How can it even affect children?”, and “How will I know if your child may have a problem” are answered in each one. As hard as it is to raise children in this day and age, there is no reason to haunt yourself with worries when you can find everything with just a “click of the mouse”.

A wonderful free depression booklet is available at the website for the National Institute of Mental Health ( This depression booklet can be downloaded and read directly form your computer or ordered in the mail.

You can find the answers to everything along with detailed solutions that have been developed through years of credible research. The depression booklet and many other publications available through NIMH are completely free, most are written in an easy to understand way – and many are available in Spanish.

This booklet covers all areas such as:

  • What is depressive disorder?
  • Types of depression
  • Symptoms of depression
  • Causes of depression
  • Treatment options
  • How to find help

For other resources offering depression information check into the National Mental Health Information Center Here again a depression booklet or any other publication may be downloaded, faxed or mailed to you free of charge.

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