Four Activities to Improve Child Attention Span

It happens almost daily, you pull out the crayons and coloring book, set it up with an exciting child running all over the house ready to get started. Not two minutes later they have changed their mind and want to go play with toys in their room. What makes your child attention span so short and what can you do about it? The truth of the matter is they can not control themselves, but there are several techniques of lengthening child attention capabilities.

Reading. Reading is the number one way to improve attention span of your young child. By reading them a book, you allow them to be pulled into the story where they must hang around to find out what happens. They know that if they do not listen you will stop reading and they will never find out the ending to the story, which is their entire point of hearing it.

Watching a TV Show. Believe it or not, watching television is a great way to improve a child attention span. Like reading, it is important that they pay close attention to the show in order to actually catch the whole story. While this should be only a small portion of your daily activities, it is a great way to teach them to sit still and focus for a brief amount of time.

Playing Age Appropriate Games. Finding the right game can be a challenge but this also falls into the category of wonderful ways to grab child attention. Although they may only be capable of playing for 5-10 minutes, it serves as an excellent opportunity to improve their thinking skills while also encouraging a longer child attention span. Always follow the age appropriate guidelines to prevent your child from feeling overwhelmed.

Playing together. Even as adults, we find it harder to pay attention to an activity when having to do it alone. Children are the same way and are more likely to play with toys longer if doing so with a partner. Set time aside to play toys with your child, even if you feel kind of weird doing so. Not only will you be improving child attention skills but you may find that you still have an incredible imagination yourself.

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