Finding Organizations that Help Teens

There are many options out there when looking for organizations that help teens. The first step to finding the right program or organization is determining what areas your teen needs help with. You would not want to get a drug abuse counselor if your teen is depressed but not using drugs. So make sure you know what type of help you are looking for. Many programs that health insurance will not cover have a sliding pay scale that is based on your income. There are many organizations in your local community that offer free programs for teenagers.

Check your local hospitals for out patient programs for such issues as bipolar disorder, depression drug or alcohol abuse and Attention Deficit Disorder. Local churches will help out with many counseling programs to help teens deal with such issues as peer pressure, pregnancy and family problems. For teens that have behavior problems there are such programs as wilderness programs and summer camps or boot camps. They teach teens proper respect, discipline and teach them to make the right choices to stay out of trouble with law enforcement. These boot camps are very strick and base there methods on breaking a child’s spirit to show them that they are not invincible and that there is consequences to their actions.

For some, the boot camps may be a bit drastic so you may want to opt for the residential programs or boarding schools. These are more appropriate for teens that aren’t at a high risk for behavioral problems but still need special attention. You can also check with the guidance counselor at your teens school for recommendations as to what they feel would best suit you and your teens needs. If you have a teen that is in need of help, just remember you are not alone. There are many resources for families to help get teens back on the right track.

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