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There are many Youth Program Centers and finding one to help with the particular needs of your teen and family in your area should not be too difficult. Depending on where you live, like in a large city for example, it may be as easy as looking up “youth services”, “adolescent services” or “teen counseling” in your local Yellow Pages. In other areas it may be a little more challenging.

Each of the following websites offers various types of Youth Program Center Directories: – Find a Psychologist

This will help parents looking for help with major issues that have happened either in front of or to the child. If unsure who to turn to, this would be the best place to start as there are many things a psychologist is qualified to do for you and your family. – National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs

This is for those looking for a youth program center available for boarding trouble teens. If you teen is out of control or just needs additional structure you can look into this site for further assistance in finding the proper youth program center. – The National Institute of Mental Health

Using this site you can find just about anything you will need to prepare yourself for the diagnoses of multiple mental disorders. You can also find hundreds of articles regarding parenting, children development, and teen behaviors. This site serves as an incredible resource for anyone seeking the help of a youth program center. – The ALLIANCE National Parent Technical Assistance Center (NPTAC)

If looking for support in raising your child, this is definately the best place. You can connect with thousands of other parents in and around your community by searching for special organizations. – National Alliance for the Mentally Ill.

This site is specifically geared towards those that have already been diagnosed with special mental disorders. You can find hundreds of resources, articles, and information regarding numerous mental conditions. – The Stomp Project (help for Military Families)

Perhaps one of the most important resources today, this site will guide you through losing a child, husband, wife, or parent to the war. As we all know, the need is a sad one but necessary. There are special resources for those searching for a youth program center that will help teach the purpose of a child’s lose when concerning a military death. – Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

Finding a youth program center for a child suffering illnesses such as bipolar disorder is as simple as a search on this site. Hundreds of articles, information booklets, and youth program center resources are available for free.

Also a compressive guide to all of the emotional and mental health services available for families on the internet can be downloaded at When searching for a youth program center it is important that you know what programs will be best for what child or condition. Research on this site can help you identify the proper programs.

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