Family Drama, Family Addict by Jacob Malewitz

Youth drug use is here to stay. According to the government Office of Supplied Studies, drug use is strongest in people from the ages of 14-22. For example, 11 in 100 of youths aged 14-15 used drugs in the past month, according to one featured study. There are answers to this problem, and some which other guides fail to mention. For if drug use is here to stay, parenting, which has always been prominent in defeating drug addiction, is here to stay too.


It’s simple: by talking about things with youths, often explaining things alone will work. At some point in their life, it’s likely a young adult will at least try drugs. If you demystify the drug, making it less of an unknown, it may sooth some of the curiosity.

When to Lecture:

Sometimes explaining the dangers of drugs isn’t enough. So when do you go for the old-fashioned lecture? You do when you see a problem occurring. Make the lecture something outside of a lecture. For example, offer the statistics on fatal deaths from drug use. It’s important to know the popular drugs on the market too, like marijuana. Then you decide whether the lecture is working or not. Are they listening to you or the peer pressure? Or do they seem interested  in what you are saying?

Offer Hobbies:

Next, drug use, in some fashion or another, is more than just about curiosity. Sometimes it’s about being bored. This isn’t a stretch: many of us like to party and have fun in some way or another. However, for youth hobbies are crucial. One of the best methods to encourage your youth to stay away from drugs is to use sports like basketball or football. These will be positive experiences. Encourage them with gifts for success too, like buying them a new movie after receiving an A on a test. Simple things can help stop family drama. Some children are not adept at sports, so you would encourage them more toward things like arts or school.

When to Act:

There are times when you have to stop being a friend to your son or daughter. There are many that get high on a daily basis, some who die from mixing drugs, and some who are lured from drinking alcohol toward using illicit drugs. You need to act on your own, which is the first step. Counsel those you love-maybe your parents or the spouse-on what is going on. See if you can handle it; if you can’t, it’s time to seek professional help.

Seeking Professionals:

Sometimes your son or daughter will be in a classic rebellion period. The problem is, it seems drug use is becoming more and more addictive, while at the same time becoming more dangerous. Recent studies by the Office of Supplied Studies show that, while small in comparison to deaths from smoking cigarettes, drug use does kill thousands every year. It’s time to take the problem to a drug counselor, or to seek treatment for your son or daughter.

Final Tip:

Family drama tends to get made into something bigger than it is. The facts are, most of us will use drugs at some point in our lives; the statistics don’t lie. However, a family drug addict can still become a bad person. They can cheat, steal, and lie. But you can’t walk away from them. Following this order of steps is just a beginning. Sometimes seeking more spiritual and emotional help, from maybe priests or pastors, can lead to an understanding of the problem-and lead you away from thinking the family addict uses because of you.

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