Facts on Teen Stress

Are you concerned about your teen’s stress levels? Do you want to learn more about facts on teen stress?
Being a teenager is a very stressful time – school becomes more important than ever and there is a lot of pressure to perform well so that you can move onto the next stage of your life. During the teenage years social pressure is at its highest and many teens are trying to learn a balance between pleasing their parents, their friends and themselves. Throw into the mix a range of distractions such as members of the opposite sex, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, parties, driving and you have a recipe for a pretty overwhelming few years. Many teens do not encounter stress until they are a teenager and a large percentage of teens are very unprepared to deal with these stresses.

Here are some common facts on teen stress so you can understand what pressures and stresses your teen may be dealing with:

High School is the Biggest Cause of Teen Stress:
Despite what you might think or what your teen tries to lead you to believe, most teens do actually care about their own academic performance. They want to get good grades for themselves and to impress you. High school is significantly more demanding and challenging than elementary school and middle school and puts a lot of emotional and mental stress on your teen. Help your teen find a balance between performing well and simply surviving the stress that comes with high school.

One in Five Teens Is Clinically Depressed:
There can be a number of factors influencing depression and stress is definitely one of them. If your teen feels they are not living up to their own expectations – or yours – they can find themselves depressed. Depression is a downward spiral that can be quite consuming, so while some pressure is good for your teen’s success, make sure you aren’t stressing them out.

High Levels of Stress Lead to Suicide and Self Harm:
Teens who are really stressed and unable to find a relief will turn to other alternatives. There are a number of healthier ways for your teen to distress including exercise, participating in social activities, creating art or simply doing something they love. Encourage them to spend some time focusing on themselves and doing something that they enjoy to help themselves distress.

Discussing Stress With Your Teen is helpful:
Teens often feel the burden of stress and carry it alone – if you can see that your teen is stressed out simply talk to them about it. Be open and honest about the stress in your life and how to cope with it. Many parents are so removed from their teenage years that they think being a teenager is “a piece of cake”. Try to remember the stress you had when you were younger, how hard it was navigating a world where it felt like everything had changed and talk openly with your own teen. Let them know that they can come to you, that they have your support and that you are open to talking about anything. This can make a world of different to your teen and their stress levels while strengthening your relationship with them.

Have you noticed that your teen is really stressed? Have you done anything to try to help minimize their stress?

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