Facebook Teenagers Unliking the Social Platform. Find out why?

Facebook has more than 1 billion users across the globe. In order to make money, Facebook is targeting users of the age between 18 and 49 years. May be because this age group is comprised of cream clients for the social networking site and hence, the advertisers leverage this facebook impact on teenagers and other users who fall in this age group.


But the new changes in the social networking site don’t seem to have favorable effects of facebook on teenagers who are likely to drive away. It is predicted that the layout of the social networking hub is going to be changed along with the News Feed. So┬áis facebook losing popularity? Well it may apparently if most of the teens would shift to Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Obviously if the changes in Facebook would not appeal the teenage crowds, they would look for other social networking websites.

Additional streams are expected to be added to the famous social networking podium, Facebook. For example: A dedicated stream of music would be available for the music lovers. Interested in dogs and pets? You would have a dedicated dog stream. The streams can be set up from your friend’s content also.

Are you wondering why is Facebook planning to make dedicated streams? Simple. They’re trying to prepare a magazine-like format. The users can have the streams of their own choice and they would not need to dig up for that. It would save a lot of time and efforts. If the users spend more time on this social networking sites, the advertisers would be happy. So, all these efforts are being made to make the Facebook advertisers happy.

Facebook would not be a cool hangout place for under 18s. It would not be the right hep place for the young generation. So, if you’re one of the facebook teenagers, you must know that Facebook is at the crossroads looking for heading in a different direction which creates a new identity for it!

Image Credit: ImageryMajestic/FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

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