Expected Private School Behavior

When deciding to enroll your child or teen in a private school it is important to know just what you may be getting them into. Private school behavior is quite different than public school in many ways. Designed to give your child an education a notch above the rest, private schools build their entire value system on strict guidelines that must be followed. Unlike the public school system, a private facility does not have to regulate its policies based on state laws meaning that the attendants could not have freedom of speech, religion, and the right to make the wrong decision. Based on popular facilities, private school behavior expectations are as follows.

  1. All students must follow strict dress code standards usually including a school uniform. A public school does not typically require uniforms and will also be more flexible in this area.
  2. Fighting or violence of any kind is not tolerated. Sometimes it is this rule that forces a perfectly good child to be terminated in the private school system. Children misbehave and immature violence is expected when they do not yet know how to manage their anger. Many believe this rule to be a little harsh when pertaining to small spats happening only once.
  3. Misconduct off school campus is unacceptable. Unlike public school where you can not be punished for behavior off school property, private school behavior guidelines make it clear you will be expected to face the consequences at school as well. This means that if a child is caught stealing from a convenience school they can be either put in isolation or completely released from the school program even though it was an off campus offense.
  4. Tuition must be paid in full and on time for each semester. Sadly, if you can not afford to follow this rule a private school is very quick to dismiss your child from its program. Be 100% sure that you are fully prepared to meet these requirements.

These are only a few of the private school behavior guidelines that must be adhered to in order to maintain the enrollment of your child. Depending on the religious and value standards of the chosen school, there will be many additional requirements. Pay close attention to the rules as your child’s future will depend on your familiarity and understanding of the private school behavior expectations.

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