Is it possible for the child to reunite with the estranged father?

Estranged-Father-and-Daughter-ReunionAdam, a 40 years old professional, had been divorced with his wife since the last ten years. Adam and his wife had two teenage kids; the daughter’s name was Lucy and the son was Larry. Both the kids stayed with their mother as she had got the custody of Lucy and Larry. As the father and the children lived about 15 hours away, they didn’t meet each other for the past 2 years. Though Adam tried to keep in touch with his kids, his wife never allowed them to do so.

Adam lived a lonely life since then. One day when Lucy graduated from the school, she got admission just 1 hour away from Adam. One morning, Adam got a request on Facebook from his daughter Lucy and he accepted that. He was shocked and surprised too. He was surprised to get a message from Lucy soon saying that she had got an admission in a college which is 1 hour away from Adam’s home.

Adam and Lucy met at the coffee shop and spent a good time together. Some of the wounds got healed up.

Reunions between the estranged fathers and kids can have a positive impact on the child-father relationship. There can be several reasons for the parental alienation. Some fathers leave their families while some get addicted to alcohol and drugs. If the father is abusive, the children run away from the families. Some fathers become innocent victims of parental alienation.

If you and your parent (father or mother) were in abusive state and that was the reason of parental alienation, then you should not think of Reunion. You can consult a counselor or the therapist to get help. Some fathers and children reunite for financial purposes, some because of health problems and some others to get peace and love in their lives.

You need to be slow while reuniting with the estranged fathers. As Lucy called his father for a coffee, you should think of a short and sweet meeting rather than spending a whole day together. Let the relationship move ahead at its natural pace.

You should make up your mind for meeting a new person because as the time rolls on, your father may not be the same individual as he was before. There are chances that the fathers become more mature. If you do some small amount of preparation for the major event which includes a reunion with the estranged father, it can be beneficial for both the parties – fathers and the children. There are many adverse effects of absent fathers on the children. Though a child needs a mother, he needs the father too. If the child wants to reunite with the absent or estranged fathers, the fathers should appreciate that and move ahead in the same direction.

In most of the cases, divorce causes estrangement. No matter what the reason may be; the fathers should think of keeping in touch with their children.

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