Electronic Parenting, Technology is Necessary

Most parents have already realized that being a parent in the 21st century is not what it used to be 10 or 15 years ago, the things are changing so fast that it’s not what it used to be a year ago. Most of that is due to technology, computers, cell phones and of course internet. Children are now more aware of their privacy than ever, and it’s not easy for a parent to share the computer experience with his children like he could with a TV. Yeah, you all remember when evening time was TV time, right? That is almost all gone, and if you try to do something similar with your kid now it will end with your kid screaming that he wants privacy, right again? It doesn’t matter, what does matter is that in order to be an effective parent that knows a little what he is doing you need to educate yourself about technology and learn how to use it, internet in the first place.

Electronic Parenting

The first and the biggest concern and the reason why you need to learn to use the internet and a computer is your kid’s safety. Internet is a virtual world, but nevertheless it causes real life problems, and if your kids are not protected they may be in the same amount of trouble as they may be walking at night in a bad neighborhood. And trust me, I’m not being overdramatic, if you had any contact with internet you know that identity theft and online soliciting are too common nowadays. Look at it this way, a couple of years back we used to set rules for them, how late they can stay out, how much they can play, after finishing their homework of course, the issue here is not how long they can sit at the computer, because if you don’t know to use the computer and internet you will not know what your child is up to.

It’s very easy to say – you can play for 2 hours, but in those two hours you kid may be giving away his personal information instead of playing NBA live with friends. There are many other security issues involved with using the internet, as you were afraid that something might happen to your kid while he or she was late outside at night, you need to have the same fear about them using internet without knowledge, so in order to teach them you need to educate yourself first.

There are of course other things to consider; too much time spent on a computer may harm any person, not just a child. Remember that your kid needs to have physical activities, and trust me, what they are getting in school in school is not near enough. There is also the risk of anti-socializing from the real life friends and people that surround your child. Internet has a way of doing that, it may become addictive, and not just for kids, for you too if you are not careful. The bottom line is that you need to educate yourself about new technologies and by doing so you will be able to balance out your child’s activities in a healthy way. Welcome to the 21st century, information highway is on your right, enter the electronic age, feel free to proceed to the learning are, for yours and for your child’s well being.

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