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Have you ever come across an educational institution whose missions shine equally as their academic successes? Ladies and gentlemen, Midwest Academy: a specialty boarding school for boys and girls who are struggling at home, school or community.

Midwest Academy is located just north of Keokuk, Iowa. Rich in history, culture and natural beauty, Keokuk, Iowa was named in honor of the Sauk/Fox chief, and is a place of great history and bright future. It is considered “Americas Heartland” where values and the importance of family are still paramount.

The program is a powerfully impacting intervention that includes an effective behavior modification program with a structured daily schedule, a series of highly motivational emotional growth seminars & workshops called “TASKS,” a progressive academic program, and daily personal development & emotional growth courses.

TASKS stands for Teen Accountability, Self-Esteem and Keys to Success. After the student has completed their series of seminars then the parents are invited to attend a Parent Seminar and two Parent/Child Seminars. Parent/Child seminars are designed to assist each family in rebuilding the family unit.

Both on- and off-campus activities provide a proper balance of recreation, exercise, learning, personal development and social opportunities. Initially all activities are on grounds. Over a period of time students may earn the privilege of participating in off grounds activities.

Midwest Academy believes in working together with the parents. They believe that it is one of the success of the program. If you are concerned about the gravity of creating a family purpose and vision, reaching understandings, and setting goals, then you need not worry. This is precisely the reason why they thrive until this day. Commitment to each student and their family is one of the reasons Midwest Academy is so successful.

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