Education in the Traditions of the Old South

Tradition is good. Many have been to quick to exchange it with something new and temporary. But they are forgetting the details. The idea of educating newer generations with learnings that have stood the test of time is not only admirable, but also precious. And that is exactly what the pride of Carolina Springs Academy (CSA) is all about. They teach respect, honor, integrity in the traditions of the Old South.

Be careful not to misconstrue tradition with backwards. Carolina Springs Academy has an extremely progressive academic program. The academic program is accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and of Colleges and Universities. Their curriculum is one which is individualized and competency based. The result allows the students to work at his or her own pace and maximize the learning process.

CSA strives to provide a proper balance of recreation, exercise, learning, personal development and social opportunities. Most activities are held on or around the campus and additional off campus activities are available to all students. They offer students and their families the opportunity to participate in significant professional seminars. And to further show their commitment in working with the entire family, CSA has cooperated with Premier Educational Services in developing a series of highly effective seminars for both the parents and the child.

So if you are looking for an academy which more than surpasses modern education, CSA may just be the answer your are waiting for. Let your teen experience positive change and personal growth with the values, integrity, honor and respect for authority that CSA will instilled in them.

Click here for their blog and here for the official website.

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