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Teen-Education-GradesAre you worried about your teenager’s grades? Do you want advice on how to motivate your teenager to achieve better grades? Are you unsure how much pressure and encouragement you should be placing on your teen to encourage their academic success?

Many parents worry about their teenagers and grades, after all if their teen does not achieve adequate grades then they might be impairing their ability to be accepted into a good school or college. It is a fine balancing act; figuring out how much pressure to put on your teen, because you want to encourage them but avoid stressing them out. If your teenager is not achieving good enough grades, you can help motivate them with effective consequences.

In an ideal world your teenager would be internally motivated enough to invest a substantial amount of time into studying and improving their grades, but the simple truth is for many teenagers they are very distracted by all the interesting things that seem to suddenly appear as they hit puberty: interest in the opposite sex, drugs, alcohol and peer pressure. The reality of this is many teens stop focusing on school and instead start investing the majority of their energy and free time into their social lives. While it’s important that your teen has a good social life and enjoys time with their friends, they need to learn a balance between having fun and working towards their future.

How to have a positive impact on your teenagers and grades
Many parents wonder what the best method is to encouraging their teen to achieve higher grades. The first thing is to be realistic – you cannot expect your teen to maintain an A+ grade all the time. This would require a substantial amount of effort and studying, and that level of motivation needs to come from within. Choose a realistic grade for your teen to aim for, past results and set that as a standard.

Motivate your teen to study and improve their grades by leveraging things that you already offer them. While there’s nothing wrong with buying your teen special treats or giving them an allowance when they achieve good grades, it can be a significant financial burden. Instead you can set up effective consequences – i.e. your teen only continues to have access to things you are already giving them if they maintain a certain grade. For example, if your teen starts to fail classes then they lose access to their phone, pocket money and so on.

Be encouraging but don’t pressure them too much
One of the biggest stresses in a teen’s life is their academic performance. They don’t need their parents adding to the internal stress they feel already, so try to find a balance between caring about their grades and encouraging them to do their best. Teens will not perform well in school or in tests if they are too stressed out, so avoid adding to their stress levels. It’s important that your teen knows at the end of the day, regardless of their grades, that you love them deeply.

You will need to bare in mind that you can do everything right to encourage your teen’s success and foster an environment where they are inspired to achieve, but your teen might still have issues with their grades. This could be due to a learning difficulty, your teen being burned out or other underlying issues. Ensure that the lines of communication are open so you can discuss these issues honestly with your teen.

What have you found helpful in motivating your teen to improve their grades? Do you have any tips for dealing with teenagers and grades?

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