Ecstasy and Teens: What Most Parents are Unaware of?

Ecstasy is a recreational drug used by young adults in clubs and rave parties to get a heightened sense of enjoyment. Ecstasy is available easily in clubs as a pill or a capsule and its effect lasts for a few hours. Other side effects include insomnia, irritation and depression in the subsequent days.

Ecstasy was first discovered around the First World War but became an illegal drug only twenty years ago. By this time, a huge black market was established and Ecstasy was easily available. It is also known by other names like X and B bombs. It is a hugely popular club drug in the US and Europe.

However, repeated use of Ecstasy can bring long-term damage to the body with fatal consequences. Users suffer from involuntary gritting of teeth and hazy vision as well as nausea. It can lead to a rise in body temperature that can lead to kidney and liver damage as well as a cardiac arrest. You may experience a rise in your blood pressure and irregular heartbeats or palpitations.

Regular use of Ecstasy can lead to a change in sodium levels in the blood, cause psychological damage like confusion and loss of memory. It causes tremendous damage to the nervous system and can lead to Parkinsonís disease. Ultimately, use of Ecstasy can cause all body systems to fail and lead to death of the user.

As a concerned parent of a teenager, you must be on the lookout for signs of Ecstasy use. Your child will have disturbed sleep patterns and will be irritable. He may stay out late and come home in the morning after attending all-night rave parties. You may find him with some fluorescent sticks, as Ecstasy users are sensitive to light, pacifiers to ease the pain in the teeth or menthol masks.

You must be aware of the places where he can get Ecstasy easily and talk to him openly about the hazards of this habit. You may ask him to discuss his problems with you and change his group of friends. Be a friend to your teenager and be frank with him so that he can discuss any problem with you. This is the only step to gain his confidence so that he does not develop habits like taking Ecstasy and leads a healthy life.

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