Eating Disorders You Are Not Familiar With

Most of the parents are always worried if their child is eating enough, if their child getting enough vitamin and minerals, does he eat too much or maybe even have an eating disorder, obesity, anorexia? Well, since obesity is a rising problem in the US parents should take care, and anorexia, bulimia and other well known eating disorders are on the rise and are now presented more than ever before.

Eating Disorders You Are Not Familiar With

The good thing is that parents finally started taking care of their children’s not so known problems and they are getting educated about eating disorders. But there is a problem, people are educated about anorexia and bulimia or binge eating by the media, but the same media fails to let parents know about other eating disorders with even tougher side effects and consequences. Let’s talk about some of the eating disorders that are spread around the globe in the same number as anorexia but are not so familiar to us.

Have you ever heard of people that have a need to eat everything they see and get their hands on? They would eat rubber, chalk, even wire and cigarette buds, this is an eating disorder and its called Pica. This is a mentally inherited eating disorder, but some people can develop it at early age without prior medical history in the family. It comes from low supervision by the parents; most kids will put anything in their mouth when they are not being watched.

A very serious type of eating disorder is Prader-Willi Syndrome. This is a birth defect, it is a brain development caused by damage or defect in the hypothalamus, the part that regulates our hunger and sensation of hunger. Prader-Willi Syndrome acts on that way that a person can never feel full; in fact it feels hunger all the time. Person with this eating disorder will not only eat normal food, they will also eat anything they can get their hands on, and in this case, it really is everything as there is also a certain mental problem in question.

There is also an eating disorder which is a total opposite of Anorexia, it is called Bigorexia. You can already guess what this is, this is a disorder where a person has the need to gain weight, most of the people that suffer from Bigorexia hang around gym’s, but in this case this is not just normal healthy workout. This is a very serious eating disorder which may cause hormonal imbalances; obesity, kidney failure and other sever medical issues. Most of the people with Bigorexia start using additives, weight gain product and steroids after a while.

There is a great number of eating disorders we don’t know much about, so if you have doubts that your teen child is developing one be sure to take him to a doctor. Don’t try to implement your knowledge and treat him at home as some of these eating disorders are very serious and should not be taken lightly.

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