Dyslexia, Problem of the Most Gifted Kids

Dyslexia is a problem many kids have to deal with; it is a problem where kids have a hard time reading and spelling. The fact is that some of the most intelligent and gifted kids have to deal problem. Dyslexia doesn’t choose, it can be a problem for anyone at any age, but it can be dealt with.

Dyslexia, Problem of the Most Gifted Kids According to Kids Health, kids that have dyslexia struggle with the basics of reading and reading consists of:

  1. Understand the way speech sounds make up words.
  2. Focus on printed marks (letters and words).
  3. Connect speech sounds to letters.
  4. Blend letter sounds smoothly into words.
  5. Control eye movements across the page.
  6. Build images and ideas.
  7. Compare new ideas with what is already known.
  8. Store the ideas in memory.

Those are quite a few processes going on at the same time, so no wonder we can have problems with it. The fact is that kids with dyslexia have trouble with the first few steps, so you can only imagine how hard the rest of the reading process can be for them.

Dyslexia is a problem of the brain; brain struggles to connect letters and sounds.  So for kids with dyslexia it is almost impossible to separate speech sounds or to spell. So being difficult to separate speech sounds for a simple word like “who” or “car” it is really hard for them to do that with a long sentence and connect different letters and soundly connect them to other letters and form complete words.

Most of the kids with dyslexia read very slow and make quite a number of mistakes and very often they will blend words or separate them, making a simple sentence like:

  • Johnny is going fishing tomorrow morning.

To sound something like:

  • Johnny isgoi ng fish ing tomorr owmor ning.

Or something like that.

The teaching for the kids with dyslexia has to be special, a child with dyslexia will never learn to read properly with normal education, so special methods are available for such children.

Before any of the so called special methods can be applied your child needs to go through an evaluation in order to determine the level of the problem and the speech impediment. Once the evaluation is complete the school or a professional can create a learning program for your child. There is no such thing as a cure for dyslexia, but the kids with this problem can learn to overcome it. But this is hard work and a long process, so parents support and love is necessary at all times. It is very hard for a kid to deal with dyslexia and even more learning can influence the child, so special attention from the family is a must.

In the end this is nothing to worry about, with love from the family and professional help your child can fight dyslexia and learn to overcome it, after all there are plenty of smart and successful people with dyslexia.

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