Drug Abuse Support Seeking and Sources

When attempting to recover from a drug problem, some addicts believe they are strong enough to quit “cold turkey” without the aid of outside drug abuse support. While this approach has proven successful for a small percentage of recovering addicts, it will prove beneficial to utilize family, friends, and recovery programs as an emotional crutch. It is okay to ask for drug abuse support during this incredibly trying time.

Family is often seen as a major source of stress for an addict; this can make their loved ones appear to be enemies instead of being seen as a source of drug abuse support. This is especially true during mass interventions wherein a large group of loved ones confront the addict about their problem and the adverse effect that it is having on those in the room. The more successful version of the intervention is non-threatening; the friends and family will treat the addict with respect and let him/her know that this sympathetic group of individuals will be available for future drug abuse support.

Further drug abuse support can be found in local branches of national support groups. For those who find the 12-step program to be too restrictive, there are alternative approaches. In these groups, the addict will discover other people who are struggling to break bad habits while coping with their day-to-day pressures in a more constructive manner.

SMART Recovery (Self Management and Recovery Training) is one such drug abuse support group. They hold over 300 in-person meetings around the world and sponsor more than 16 online meetings every week. This drug abuse support group is approved by many highly regarded organizations such as The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and the US Department of Health and Human Services.

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