Does your teenage child say, “You never understand me”?

Parenting-and-Power-StrugglesYou are not the only parent with this problem. This a common problem these days. The conflicts between parents and teenage children are obvious. Parents need to understand their teenage children. They need to understand that their kids are becoming adults and the drastic changes takes place in the child’s body and health. The teenage children love to spread their wings and want to fly like a free bird. Parents should help them take the right decisions and to make them make the correct choices in life.

Have you noticed your teenage child asking for space? The children need independence. The limits of the independence should be set in advance to avoid conflicts and fights later on. The rules for the child should be set. The children like to break the boundaries during the teen years.

Building a positive relationship with your child is very important. Parenting is not an easy job. Parents should spend some time with the child. Research shows that the parents who have close relationship with their children have lesser conflicts than the ones who do not have close relationship. No matter how busy your schedule may be, you should talk to your kid on a daily basis. This can make you aware of what’s going on in their lives.

You need to understand that your teenage son or daughter can have mood swings, spats with the friends or some other problems. We cannot expect the teen years to be stress free. Do not pressurize the child to obey you. Avoid arguments as far as possible. It is important that the self esteem or respect of the child is not hurt. Ensure that your words do not hurt the sentiments of your teenage children.

Many parents allow the kids to have personal laptops and mobile phones at an early age. Make sure that the technical tools are not misused. Sit and talk to your child about your expectations from him. Explain them about the cyber security and discuss about some websites. Keep the lines of discussion open when some problem occurs.

Setting reasonable limits and consequences for every child is important. Do not be too liberal or too strict while defining the rules and regulations for your son or daughter. Be a good listener for your teenager little ones. If you spend some time listening to them, half of the battle is won. This also helps to build trust between you and your kid. Communication plays a major role in improving parent-child relationship.

Punish the kid when he disobeys the rules set and reward or praise them when they they adhere to it. Encourage the child for the good things he does. If you are caught in some conflict, resolve it without any delay. You may seek professional help if needed. Make your kid aware of the evils such as drugs, premarital sex, alcohol and others. Many parents avoid discussing these topics with their children. If you do not talk about all these and abstain the child from these topics, there are chances that your child gets the wrong information about these topics. It can be harmful in several ways.

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