Dispelling a Common Teen Help Center Myth

When anyone mentions the phrase “teen help center,” most people immediately think of a boarding school or inpatient treatment center. However, teen help center is a broader term used to describe one of the many organizations and/or facilities helping teens to make it through daily life. A teen help center is a place where teens or parents can obtain information about various treatment options, help with simple teen problems, receive access to research and learning materials, and more.

More often than not, teens do not know where they can obtain help with the difficult and sometimes embarrassing problems that they encounter throughout their teenage years. Teen help centers seek to ease this burden by providing a safe, private, and caring environment where teens can get guidance on these problems. Each organization or facility differs its approach, with some being available for highly specialized issues such as teen pregnancy. Some centers offer a simple question and answer type environment where a teen can ask a question that may be too embarrassing to ask their parents or friends and receive an intelligent and accurate response. Others offer education and advice on only a single topic and are highly specialized and knowledgeable about this topic. The resources available at teen centers are not only available to teens. The issues that affect teens are not always easy for parents to understand or deal with, so teen help centers make their resources available to educate and assist parents with their teens’ problems.

You can see that the term teen help center is used to describe a wide variety of useful and sometimes necessary resources that are absolutely invaluable to teens and parents alike. Next time you hear someone mention a teen help center, remember that it doesn’t necessarily mean a boarding school or inpatient care center.

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