Dealing With Teen Piercing and Tattoos

Style and fashion change over the years. Some things may remain the same, but with teen wanting to be unique and express themselves in a way possible there will always be something new for parents to disapprove. Piercing and tattoos are fairly popular among teens, and one out of two teens has one of both, either a tattoo or a piercing, although piercings are more common among teens.

Dealing With Teen Piercing and TattoosOne thing that all of us need to accept is that piercing and tattoos are not new, they have been around for thousands of years in tribal traditions. Although we think this is a new trend this has been done for several millennia out of tradition and adornment. Our teens do it because of some different reasons, but one thing that should comfort us is that getting a tattoo or a piercing is much safer than it used to be 10 years ago.

We can try to forbid our children to get a piercing or a tattoo, but they will just get it anyway. The only thing we may do as parents is forbidding them to get one of those before they turn 18, at which point they will probably get one. But if you are against piercing and tattoo’s you should do that. By the time your teen turns 18 he or she will have the time to think it through and maybe give up on the idea. And if he still wants to go with it, at least you will know it was not a whim and your child thought it through.

If you agree that your child get’s a piercing or a tattoo there are certain things you should look for in a person performing the piercing or tattoo. This also applies to teens that want to go on their own, so make sure that:

  • Germicidal soap is used on the area where the tattoo or the piercing is supposed to go, except for the tongue
  • That your skin is punctured with a strong and very sharp needle
  • For piercing you will need a sterilized piece of jewelry
  • The area of the tattoo or piercing is properly cleaned
  • And that the person performing the tattoo/piercing gives you detailed instructions on how to manage it in the next few weeks

Of course if you go to a professional studio, they can be found in every major city, there should be no worries for any of these, but you need to be on the safe side just in case.

One thing we as parents know and why we are reluctant to allow our children to pierce weird places and have tattoos is because of the negative effect that may have later in life for them. We shouldn’t judge a person by its appearance, but the fact is that we do, and some employers will have a hard time hiring a person with tattoos and piercings on his face. Yeah it is unfair, but it is a reality that we are aware of and our teens aren’t. You need to let your kids know that a simple thing as a tattoo may in fact limit their choices of careers in the future or make them remove the tattoo or piercing in order to get a job.

If tattoos and teen piercing are a concern for you there is no need to get worked up about it, you just need to talk to your teen and make your child understand these issues. If you however agree to let your child get a tattoo or a piercing, you should make sure that that was done from an informed decision and a real desire and not on a whim. After all, as out teens, we also want our children to be unique.

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