Dealing With Social Phobia

Social Anxiety or Social Phobia is a serious anxiety issue that usually teens develop, but this is an issue that can continue through adulthood if not treated. Social Phobia involves impossible feelings of being shy and is followed by a fear of social interaction with strangers. This can severally influence a person’s social life and the possibility of forming a serious relationship.

Dealing With Social PhobiaTeens that have social phobia usually have no problems communicating with family members, close friends from early childhood, they have issues with new people, group events, and especially speaking or performing in front of a public.

These extreme feelings of shyness and fears of being embarrassed will get in the way of anyone’s life, and if a teen lives through these traumas they can cause major consequences. Teens with social phobia can never enjoy social activities; in most cases they will try to avoid each and every last one of them.

Teens with social phobia are lonely, depressed, disappointed and they offer feel sorry for not being able to participate in a social event, they wish to do it but they simply can’t gather the courage.

This is rather a tricky issue when it comes to school as teens with social phobia have issues with interaction during the class. A highly intelligent teen can appear stupid or ignorant because he or she is ashamed to answer a question or take part in a class discussion. Some may be even too frightened to ask a teacher for help.

Social phobia can also prevent teens from many other events a teen should simply enjoy in those years, like playing a team sport, auditioning for a play, joining a project with his classmates.

Social phobia is developed in early childhood like most types of phobias. It is normally a combination of things that causes teen social phobia like genetics, learned behavior, other experiences and events can all contribute to developing of social phobia.

A teen with social phobia cannot overcome this issue on his own, professional help and treatment is needed in order to get the teen to open up and try to interact with others. With proper treatment Teens with Social Phobia can manage to cope with their fears and they can develop confidence and self esteem needed to engage new people and join social events and gatherings.

But treatment will be hard if not impossible if the person with social phobia doesn’t have a true wish to overcome those fears. It is important to encourage your teen if he or she suffers from social phobia and get him or her to face fears and try and change for the better, as the alternative may mean the life of solitude.

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