Dealing with Slumping Grades: Quick View over Causes and Signs

  1. Health problems. Make sure that you have your teenager examined by a physician as soon as possible.
  2. Depression. If your teen is severely depressed, he or she won’t care about their grades anymore. This can also be a cry for help and your teenager may be considering suicide. Again, it’s imperative that you have your child examined.
  3. Peer pressure. Your teen’s not likely to excel if most of his friends are failing.
  4. Factors that may be affecting the amount of sleep he or she is getting. Has he or she started a new job or started working longer hours? A consistent sleep pattern is important for maintaining good grades.
  5. Relationship issues. If your teenager has experienced a recent break-up, most likely every aspect of his or her life will be affected for awhile. The same is true if your teen has recently fallen in love.
  6. Problems at home. If there has been a divorce or a death in the family, your teen might view grades as trivial. Again, counseling might be required. In most cases, slumping grades are a symptom of a more serious problem.

Don’t ignore the signs! Talk to your teen and then proceed to get him or her the help that might be needed.

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