Dealing With a Kid Behavior Problem

There are many resources available for parents who are dealing with a frustrating but common kid behavior problem. Many of these programs are free or available at a reduced price, often based on income. Finding the right assistance for your child can feel overwhelming, but help is available. Here are some suggestions for locating help.

  1. Check with your health insurance. Many health insurance providers offer coverage for various types of counseling and behavior treatments just right for minor kid behavior problems. They can also refer you to counselors, therapists and treatment centers that they regularly work with.
  2. Consider speaking with friends and family. You might be surprised how many of them have gone or are going through the exact same issues. Kid behavior problems are not as uncommon as you may think. Your friends and family may be able to offer helpful advice, a shoulder to lean on, and referrals for counselors, therapists or treatment centers.
  3. Ask your primary care doctor for a referral to behavioral specialist for your child. Your doctor is likely to be familiar with local providers and will be glad to give you the information you need to find help for your child’s behavior problem.
  4. The local health department is another great place to turn to for referrals and information. They are likely to give you unbiased information, and if financial resources are a concern, they can also help you locate free or low-cost programs. Most health departments act as a sort of clearinghouse for funds and programs that are available to assist families who can’t afford treatment but need the assistance for their kid behavior problems.
  5. Finally don’t overlook your local phone book or the internet. While they won’t offer the personalization of any of the suggestions listed above, they can both be a great place to start in your search for a counselor, therapist or treatment center.

Don’t be afraid to contact each and every treatment provider that you are interested in, and ask as many questions as you may have. Learning as much as you can before selecting someone to help you with your kid behavior problem will help to make sure you have the right professional to get your family back to normal.

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