Daily Tip, Healthy Eating for Teens

Today’s daily tip is for teens and healthy eating. Healthy eating is way for teens to balance out their food intake and at the same time keep their body strong and full of energy. This is basically how to take care of your body with healthy meals and some planning. The most important thing to remember is that you and your health are more important than your body size or your weight, there will be significant results with just eating the way you should. Health comes first kids, so here is how to get your health up and running with healthy meals.

Daily Tip, Healthy Eating for TeensFirst you need to know that so called healthy eating is a process that is well planned. You need to eat regularly throughout the day, three meals per day on regular intervals with some healthy snacks in between. The first rule of healthy eating is: Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. The second rule of healthy eating is: Eat all the foods from all the food groups, that is the way to meet every nutritional need for your body. The third rule is: Balance the intake of nutrient-rich foods with other types of food in moderate amounts, like sweets or so called fast food.

By following these three rules you will get amazing results, energy throughout the entire day, vitamins and minerals that your body desperately needs, you will stay strong and flexible, you will also reach your maximum height, which can be slowed down with dieting, you will and I repeat, you will maintain a healthy weight and you will skip unhealthy habits that will lower the resistance of your immune system.

Here are a few healthy eating tips on how to do all of this based on the three rules we just mentioned.

–    Do not skip meals and plan your meals ahead. Eat breakfast, a great number of teens skips breakfast which causes you to overeat later during the day, we all know what that leads to.
–    Eat foods prepared in a healthier way. Avoid deep frying and use a microwave or baking and grilling to prepare your meals. Instead of adding toppings like gravy try using spices like oregano or chili powder.
–    Avoid too much sugar. It’s OK to take sugar into normal amounts, just as long as they stay snacks and not replacement for your meals. Sugar drinks are a vast source of empty energy that will ruin the balance of your healthy meals and force your body to deal with extra calories.
–    Eat slowly and listen to your body. If you pace yourself for every meal you will feel full with moderate amounts of food. You need to be mindful, are you eating because you are hungry or because you are bored?
–    Stay off from dieting and so called “diet foods”. There is no such thing as good food and bad food. Every food is good if eaten moderately. You have to realize that foods that offer low calories or say that they are fat free and belong to diet foods are not necessarily lower in calories; in fact they have plenty of other ingredients that will replace the lack of calories.

Like we said in the beginning, you and your health are more important than your body size or weight. If you believe that you will be amazed how simply eating healthy can make your figure much more appealing.

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