Creating a Help Network for your Teen

School issues and fitting in with the other adolescents, are probably the most common issues teens deal with daily. Peer pressure that is not handled correctly can cause serious problems with teens. It is very important to create a help network for your teen to have as a safety net to help them learn to cope with issues. A help network can be put in place by utilizing a number of avenues. Family and friends would be on the top of the list for your teen to turn to in his or her time of need. Make sure your teen knows who in the family that they can turn to for help, perhaps some family member who are just a little bit older who can relate to your teens problems on their level.

Your teens friends play a very important role in how your teen deals with things. Keep tabs as to who your teen is “hanging out” with. You will want to encourage your teen to be around friends that would be a good influence. Perhaps someone in the family that would be a good role model would be ideal for you to bring around your teen. It is important for your teen to feel that they have people that they feel safe with, people that they can talk to about anything.

In school it may be harder for your teen to turn to safe people to talk to as they are around peer pressure and other school issues. Try to ensure that your child knows who the guidance counselors are and that there is someone in the faculty that they feel comfortable with to turn to. Some schools even offer peer mediators, which are actual students who are there to help fellow classmates with various things from tutoring assistance to issues with peers and school. There are many avenue for you to set up a great help network for your teen, just pull your resources together and keep the lines of communication open.

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