Consumer Tips for Teens

Believe it or not probably the biggest consumer body is made of teenagers. That’s why this is called consumer tips for teens, because as the largest consumer body you are most likely to be a victim of a scam or breach of rights due to little or no knowledge of your legal rights. So you need to know your rights, you need to plan ahead for the future and you need some advice on how to become a responsible young person in order for you to manage in the world around you. The basic steps you need to pay attention to are buying goods or services, your health and safety, rights and responsibilities, finances, privacy issues, transportation, living on your own and recreation.

  • When purchasing something be sure you know what you are paying for, if you want to buy a food product make sure to check all the information’s like expiration date and ingredients, you don’t want to buy an old product or a product that is bad for you. And if you need to file a complaint make sure you do it straight away as it raises the chances of a successful complaint.
  • The biggest part of health and safety can be related to the use of cosmetic products. Most of cosmetic products offer a healthy benefit like aloe vera effect which helps your skin. But some of those products do not have the benefits that are stated, some even have negative effect, so always keep a lookout for new products and suspicious ingredients.
  • Law and legal rights may be your weapon of defense, but they are also a great responsibility to beer. But knowing the legal rights you insure yourself a safe life. If you are a person under 21 it is illegal to have any form of alcohol or drugs in your vehicle and that may cause you to pay fines or even get your license suspended. That means not only that you can’t drink and drive, you are not allowed to have a can of beer in your vehicle when you are driving. So be careful about those things.
  • When thinking about your future and you finances you need to keep one thing in mind in order to manage your finances to an affordable level. You need to keep track of all your incomes and all your expenses. Calculating the difference may provide you with an insight in future savings.
  • Every teenager has some online account which requires a password. You need to make that password totally random. Something like hG3y4Tsv will be much harder password to break than your birthday. And make sure you keep all your information’s confidential and change your password on a regular basis.
  • One of the most often problem with transportation when driving your own vehicle is inexperience. Whatever you do you need to do it calmly and according to the law. If by any chance you are stopped by a police officer be sure to do everything according to regulations, and never give the officer reason to suspect you.
  • When the time comes for you to go to college you will have to live on your own or with a roommate. First thing you need to do is make sure that your new apartment is safe. Check the neighborhood, is the location safe, who are your neighbors, what is the security level in that part and is there any security equipment in your building.

There are many ways to be safe and to plan ahead. But in order to do that we need to educate ourselves. And we can do that in many ways. The easiest way today is using internet, as it provides us with all the answers we need.

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