Conduct Disorder

Conduct Disorder is a behavioral and emotional disorder that affects adolescents, the disorder causes teens to show a pattern of of negative behavior that violates the rights of others, the social norms, rules and regulations. A teen with conduct disorder can have a big impact on his family, friends and everyone around him, sometimes becoming a threat to their safety.

The most common and most observable characteristics of teens that have conduct disorder are as follows:

bullies, threatens, or intimidates others

  • picks fights
  • has used a dangerous weapon
  • has been physically cruel to people
  • has been physically cruel to animals
  • has stolen while confronting a victim (for example, mugging or extortion)
  • has forced someone into sexual activity
  • has deliberately set a fire with the intention of causing damage
  • has deliberately destroyed property of others
  • has broken into someone else’s house or car
  • frequently lies to get something or to avoid obligations
  • has stolen without confronting a victim or breaking and entering (e.g., shoplifting or forgery)
  • stays out at night; breaks curfew (beginning before 13 years of age)
  • has run away from home overnight at least twice (or once for a lengthy period)
  • is often truant from school (beginning before 13 years of age)

Adolescents with this kind of disorder often get into trouble with the law and often fall behind in school even though he has no learning disability, though most teens most of the teens who have conduct disorder also have ADHD.

Because of the destructive nature of the symptoms, parents should consult a professional as soon as they notice the pattern of behavior described above in order to minimize the damages.

The most common treatment for conduct disorder is behavioral therapy, sometimes with accompanied by medication, which primarily addresses the teens lack of social and coping skills. The treatments would also be more effective if the teen is placed on a structured setting and/or treatment program that would be beneficial for easing their aggression.

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