Communication between Parents and Adolescents

Human beings constantly change during their lifetime. These changes are in size, shape, appearance and psychological changes. These changes vary from person to person. However the essential fundamental patterns of growth and development stay the same and occur in a systematic way. Every individual with their unique heredity and the way they are nurtured determines the way they traverse the path of their life. Every human being attains the size, shape, capacities and development in a way which is uncharacteristic to him/her at every stage of life.

Every person goes through various stages of childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age. In each of these stages the person goes through physical, emotional, psychological changes. The most significant factor that shapes the individuality and personality of a human being through the stages of development is communication. Communicating with the family members is very important. It plays a very important part in framing the personality of a person throughout the adolescent phase. Good communication can establish the parent child relationships during infancy, childhood, adolescence and beyond. It helps us shun lots of troubles, and unravel those that occur. It fosters warmth, indulgence, faith, admiration, deliberation and fun. Words are complex things, and the majority of families hit patches while accepting and listening to each other seem hard. Poor communication and simple misunderstandings has been the root of all kinds of problems.

Parents and children should not have a communication gap, and they should talk to each other. As parents, you are aware of the changes that teenagers go through.  But parents are unwilling to receive in the emotional and societal maturity that the child attains. Parents usually look back at the good old childhood days of their children that they spend together and they are uncertain of the new changes that without doubt dawns on them. We try to establish the identified and acceptable personality traits in our children that is in them hereditarily, and try to do away with those character traits which seem unfamiliar to parents.

Adolescents must comprehend truly what meticulous changes they undergo physically and psychologically, what makes their parents suddenly look like aliens to them, and how they can help to conquer this situation which causes massive twinge both to their parents and them. Parents also require realizing these developmental features in themselves and also their kids. It is the parent’s responsibility to be properly aware of the various developmental changes that occur in their child and properly interact and communicate with them so that the child without any hesitation opens up with them, and asks for suggestions and advice.

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