Common Problems in teenage and their solutions

Are you worried about your teenage child? Are you curious to know what problems they must be facing?

Remember your teenage years. Do you remember those carefree days? The days where you had no responsibility and obligation. There can be several problems the teenagers face in their daily life.

Common-Problems-in-TeenagersDevelopments in the body and hormonal changes:
When the child enters teenage, the childhood days are over. The characteristics of an adult start developing in the kids’ body. The facial features may be changed, the teenagers might get facial hair and acne also. The biceps in the boys and breasts in the girls develop to the fullest. The teenage children are likely to become overweight as they put on some extra kilos.

Drugs and alcohol:
Increased peer pressure can make the child get attracted to consume alcohol or drugs. Studies show that children between the age of 14 and 18 get addicted to alcohol and drugs. The parents should educate the children about these sensitive topics so that they do not get indulged in such kind of activities.

Dating and relationships:
Young children make friends and often fall in love. You never know whether the relationship is attraction or infatuation or true love. Love affairs and break ups lead to depression and resentment. Teens can end up messing with their exams. Parents should try to understand and support their children.

High parental expectations:
If you have high expectations from the children, they might feel pressurized. Do not force the children to get the best grades in school. The children should do well in studies and other activities like music, sports, dance, etc. If the child spends time for some activities, he would be stress-free.

The emotional health of the child can get disturbed due to the hormonal changes in the body. Do not worry if the child shouts or yells at you. But if it happens every now and then, it should be taken care of.

Keep the communication lines open. The child should be able to talk to you and discuss about all the topics. No matter how strict you may be, the child should communicate with you on a regular basis.

Try not to impose anything on your child. Discuss the important aspects and set the rules with the child. Set the limits and consequences for the child. Punishing the teenagers does not work in all the cases. Think of some other ways to motivate your child. A single trick cannot work for all the children.

The children should be provided with healthy and nutritious meals. Make the child get proper rest and sleep. Appreciate the child when he behaves in a good manner with you or your family members. Small rewards may also be given.

Educate the child about oral and personal hygiene, social activities, evils, bad habits and others. Teach them how to make goals and achieve them. Keep the children away from mental pressures. Counseling help can be taken in several cases. Talk to a professional or read books to know how to manage your teenage child.

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