Child Behavior Modification – A Game That Works

Starting your child out using child behavior modification techniques can be a challenge at times, but the benefits are endless with far less problem appearing in the future. Even as adults, we can agree that it is much easier to learn when taught in an interesting, and fun way. That said, teenagers and children feel this even greater as their minds are easily bored, and attention span is often that of a gnat. By implementing child behavior modification techniques in a fun and interesting way you can turn good behavior into an enjoyable game, which everyone is willing to play.

Child Behavior Modification Game:

This game teaches your child that you must earn what you deserve, and wait for good things to come. All you will need is a candy bar (does not necessarily have to be a candy bar, any candy or treat will work), a piece of paper, and a little patience yourself. When practicing this child behavior modification technique you will need to be patient, and not at all demanding. The main idea is to let your child think that they are in control so that the decisions they make are their own, and the consequences can only be put back on their doings.

What you have to do is sit down with your child and talk over a plan of action in tackling house chores. Make everything age appropriate, of course. Explain to them that for every chore that is completed based on your standards, they will receive a portion of the candy bar, to be due at the end of the day. By doing this, you are showing them that things will not be handed to them, and letting them know that you are paid what you are due. Not the other way around.

At the end of the day, go around doing your inspection with them by your side. To give them the control they crave, allow them to take you for a tour of their work and make them explain how, and why they did the things that they had done. In areas that they have done less than you had hoped, ask them about it and let them tell you their reasoning. Pretend that you are having a business meeting, but make it child friendly and fun. Upon approval, go back to your meeting place and pay them what they have earned, but not a bite more. They will quickly pick up on the fact that it is much better to get your whole candy bar, than to only get half. Therefore, they will be much more willing to follow the rules that you have set.

While behaving can not always be fun for an adult or a child, you can find fun ways to encourage a good foundation in children. With the variety of child behavior modification techniques available, there is no guarantee that any of them will work for your family, but the good news is you have eighteen years to find the best way to send your child in the right direction. Rest assure that if this child behavior modification technique does not work, there is certainly one out there that will.

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