Child and Teen Obesity

Every year studies show that child and teen obesity is on the rise in the US. Nevertheless, 84% of parents think their children are of the right and healthy weight, but the studies show that over one third of children population in the US is having obesity problems. “Obesity is one of the biggest public health challenges the country has ever faced, and troubling disparities exist based on race, ethnicity, region, and income,” said Jeffrey Levi, director of Trust for America’s Health.

Child and Teen Obesity This is a real problem and we are facing it, but so far, normal people of the United States fail to see that. Is the pride or vanity it doesn’t matter, the fact that people are not recognizing this alarming fact may lead to even troubling issues. Obesity is not a cute chubby child, obesity is when a child has over 25% of body fat and that is the threshold of unhealthy weight and fat levels. All of that can lead to far serious problems; one of the most common results of obesity is heart disease. There are plenty of other devastating effects of obesity like diabetes, stroke and other life threatening medical problems. The fact that over 300,000 people die because of obesity doesn’t seem to reach to people. This is the time to act; parents need to understand the consequences of obesity, further more they need to understand how pressing this issue is. Maybe the fact that kids between ages 10 and 13 that are obese have over 80% chance of becoming obese adults, which means all of their lives are at risk, are you willing to allow that for your child?

Surgeon General Regina Benjamin said: “Since 1980, obesity has doubled in adults and tripled in children. That, to me, is just astonishing.”

She knows the problem and the only way she sees as the solution is engagement by the parents. Trying to get your kid to lose weight at an early age can be very hard and we are all aware of that. What she recommends is playing the sport card. Trying to explain to your child that he needs to jump rope 50 times a day to lose weight will not work, but telling him to do that because it is related to something he loves, like being able to jump further or play sports like some sportsman he or she loves, will do the trick.

Regina Benjamin is aware that the only method we have left is to activate as parents and put more attention to our children’s health. Although not an easy task we need to make our children go out more. The computer era came knocking at our door and we didn’t even realize what it has done to our children. Instead of playing out of the house, running, jumping rope, they are all stuck inside playing video games, they are not moving, that is the problem and we allowed that. So it’s time for all of us to start again if we want our children to be healthy. You have to realize, obesity is a rising problem and the number of obese children is increasing as we speak. Learn about obesity and help your children for their future, for their health.


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