Causes of Teen Violence

Teen violence is always an active topic in the US. The fact that teens can show violent behavior is a shocking idea that mostly leaves us speechless. A recent hearing about the violent video games in the US has once again brought our attention towards the causes of violence in teens. Well, it is not easy to identify the causes of teen violence, so just saying video games are the cause will not suffice nor will it solve anything. Teen violence has many forms, most of them don’t use guns or don’t have anything to do with violent games, but they come in the form of bullying and verbal abuse.

Causes of Teen ViolenceThe reasons behind the teen violence are still not 100% considered as fact, but one of the most common reasons for teen violence is modeling behavior, which is the fact that our kids are more likely to engage in violent behavior if they are exposed to it on regular basis, in their home, on the TV, in games or in their neighborhood. Other reasons may include a constant victim of teen violence that snaps and start lashing out.

There are plenty of other causes of teen violence. Any form of emotional issue can become a cause of violence. In most cases teens with learning disabilities can gather frustrations and simply burst at others in the form of violence. Most teens that don’t know how to handle their emotions and their frustrations are likely to burst in anger and some of them can go to the next step and act violently.

We can’t simply say it is this or that; it is impossible and very prejudicial to say that video game violence and movie violence are the main causes of teen violence. We are not simple beings, there are multiple factors involved when it comes to our behavior, and so in most cases it is a great combination of things that will lead to violence and violent behavior, but that combination also varies from one to the other.

One of the biggest causes of teen violence is accessibility to means that allow us to carry out violent behavior. In other words, if a teen has access to guns and other violent tolls, the chances of that teen acting violently increase. So what does that tell us? Well, even though we can’t pinpoint the exact causes of teen violence there are things that we can do to decrease the chances of our teen acting violently.

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