Will Boot Camp Help An Out of Control Teenage Boy?


Some parents will require help in dealing with their kids, when they are going through some serious problems in their lives. The first solution for all parents is to go to a psychologist, but when this seems to provide no results, they may have to show some tough love and enroll their kids in a […]

Will Boot Camp Help An Out of Control Teenage Girl?


Many parents have asked themselves if a boot camp can provide them with the help their teenage girl requires. The answer is extremely complicated and needs to take in consideration a lot of different factors, some of which are hard to determine, but if the girl is sent in due time at a boot camp […]

What Are Teen Boot Camps?


Teen boot camps are institutions that deal with helping troubled teenagers get over their problems. Without the help of these institutions, many teenagers would have been lost to their problems. The programs of boot camps have saved more lives than can be counted and they helped countless teens to regain their lives. The most common […]

Signs of Sexual Abuse in Teenagers


In the midst of all the squeamishness is the child. Met with inappropriate behavior from adults in the form of sexual requests and favors the child may soon be made to feel very much alone. Psychologists have said that children will make repeated attempts to call attention to their plight. Without even being aware of […]

The Aftermath of Teen Date Rape


In most cases when rape is mentioned people automatically think about some stranger jumping from the shadows and forcing them to have sex. While in fact more than 60% rape cases were committed by a familiar person, someone who knows the victim. Teen rape is at its highest, the number of teen rape victims has […]

Teen Date Rape, Rising Problem


People are aware of rape as a rising problem in today’s society, and most people think that walking down the dark alley at night might get you in a position where some maniac will jump out of the shadows and try to rape you. Unfortunately the sad truth is that the biggest percentage of rapes occurring is known as date rape. There is no discrimination when it comes to date rape, both men and women suffer and get raped. Date rape or any form of rape is not about love, it never was, rape is an act of violence and nothing more.

Trends and Changes for Teens and Sex


Over the past few decades there has been a drastic change in sexual behavior among teenagers. It is quite glaring that teen females have gradually become more liberated and sexually aggressive, to the point of being promiscuous. There is absolutely an upheaval in the sexual context of what is socially acceptable and what is not. […]

STDs Among Teens


Because sexual activities are activities that also involves teen nowadays, the problem with the rising number of teens who acquire sexually transmitted diseases have also become an issue. Teens are generally hard to control and more often than not, some of them are defiant and rebellious. Due to this fact, parents and authoritative persons find […]