Facts on Teen Stress


Are you concerned about your teen’s stress levels? Do you want to learn more about facts on teen stress? Being a teenager is a very stressful time – school becomes more important than ever and there is a lot of pressure to perform well so that you can move onto the next stage of your […]

How To Handle Stress in Teenagers


Are you worried that your teenager is becoming stressed? Perhaps you already know your teenager is stressed but do not know how to handle stress in teenagers. Stress is a part of growing up and taking on more responsibilities, but it’s important that you can detect when your teen is stressed so you can offer […]

PCP Drug Liquid and Symptoms


PCP drug liquid and symptoms can really destroy a teenager’s life if parents do not catch on early enough to abuse of this substance. Are you worried that your teen might be taking drugs? Do you want to learn more about PCP so you can protect your teen and your family from this harmful drug? […]

Teen Suicide and Every Important Thing Parents Should Know


“What is wrong big shot?” Mark the most caring of them all asked. Peter didn’t say anything but Paul the patronizing fellow said, “Your big shot feels so bad he is considering ending his life right now.” Others were shocked by this, even Richard him self. But he (Paul) was right and Richard quickly confessed, […]

Signs of Sexual Abuse in Teenagers


In the midst of all the squeamishness is the child. Met with inappropriate behavior from adults in the form of sexual requests and favors the child may soon be made to feel very much alone. Psychologists have said that children will make repeated attempts to call attention to their plight. Without even being aware of […]

Teens and Lying: Separate Both Before Latter Does So With You


Antisocial behaviors, including aggression and lying, are some of the hardest to deal with when it comes to your children. It is a sad and overwhelming feeling to have to watch your child start to spiral downward, but you can watch for symptoms and catch it early. One of these symptoms is lying. Teens and […]

How Parents can Help Teenagers Handle Stress?


Reuters Health reports that one third of US teens say they feel stressed-out on a daily basis. “According to Reuters, researchers suspect US teenagers to be feeling such stress as a result of overwhelming expectations by parents and society.” The study, conducted at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, also found nearly two third of […]

Dealing with Puberty in Boys and Girls


Hair will start to grow in the pubic area, armpits and more heavily on the legs. Girls will start having their menstrual periods, which will follow a cycle when the ovaries will be releasing eggs, thus making it possible for your “baby” to have a baby of her own! This cycle can also produce a […]