Will Boot Camp Help An Out of Control Teenage Boy?


Some parents will require help in dealing with their kids, when they are going through some serious problems in their lives. The first solution for all parents is to go to a psychologist, but when this seems to provide no results, they may have to show some tough love and enroll their kids in a […]

Will Boot Camp Help An Out of Control Teenage Girl?


Many parents have asked themselves if a boot camp can provide them with the help their teenage girl requires. The answer is extremely complicated and needs to take in consideration a lot of different factors, some of which are hard to determine, but if the girl is sent in due time at a boot camp […]

What Are Teen Boot Camps?


Teen boot camps are institutions that deal with helping troubled teenagers get over their problems. Without the help of these institutions, many teenagers would have been lost to their problems. The programs of boot camps have saved more lives than can be counted and they helped countless teens to regain their lives. The most common […]

Teen Substance Abuse Statistics, Charts and Graphs


Are you concerned that your teen might be abusing drugs? Perhaps you’re curious to what percentage of teens try and abuse drugs? In studies there seems to be a clear correlation between age and drug use. Youths aged between 12 and 17 abused drugs the most, with reports suggesting that 60.6% were dependent on or […]

Why Teenagers Drink?


Teenagers drink as much alcohol as adults, which is a fact. I don’t mean the quantity of alcohol drank, but the number, percentage of teenagers that drink is the same percentage for adults. Over 80% of teenagers have tried alcohol, but in the end drinking comes down to a simple choice, whether they want to […]

Know More About Teenage Drinking


When you think about the most common problems about teen drinking what comes to mind? An average person according to a recent study will say one out of two, drunk driving and teen pregnancy. Although both of those are very big problems and both of those may cause dire consequences there are unfortunately more issues, […]

Rehab, Getting Rid of Teen Substance Abuse


More and more teenagers are becoming addicted to something, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs even technology like cell phones and internet, they simply cannot live without those things. But the most critical form of abuse is substance abuse. Substance abuse like drugs and alcohol may cause unimaginable consequences for a teenager, so once parents see the symptoms they should act immediately. This is the perfect place to inform yourself about the symptoms of drug abuse, but in this article we will cover the next step, alcohol and drug rehab.

Teens getting alcohol from parents


More than half of American teens say they’ve consumed alcohol, and more than 40 percent of those children say they sometimes get their alcohol free from an adult, a new federal survey found. Among the country’s estimated 10.8 million underage drinkers, more than 40 percent said they got alcohol free from an adult during the […]