Overcoming Teen Depression


There is a huge difference in a teenager who is a bit moody and isolated from the family and a teenager that is depressed. Teenage depression is a serious matter that can impact the entire life of a teenager. Untreated depression in teens can lead to the use of drugs and alcohol, self inflicted harm, […]

Helping your Teen Beat Emotional Eating


Unfortunately, there are not too many people that simply eat because they are hungry. Aside from eating for rewards, celebrations, and other occasions, there are some people that prefer to use food as a comfort or a means for relieving stress. The problem with becoming an emotional eater is that the emotional problem does not […]

Recovering and Getting Treatment for Eating Disorders


To someone suffering from eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, the inner battle of never feeling happy or good enough is challenging. In order to recover your sense of self you will have to learn to love yourself for exactly who you are. Escaping your eating disorder is not impossible no matter what your […]

Will Boot Camp Help An Out of Control Teenage Boy?


Some parents will require help in dealing with their kids, when they are going through some serious problems in their lives. The first solution for all parents is to go to a psychologist, but when this seems to provide no results, they may have to show some tough love and enroll their kids in a […]

Will Boot Camp Help An Out of Control Teenage Girl?


Many parents have asked themselves if a boot camp can provide them with the help their teenage girl requires. The answer is extremely complicated and needs to take in consideration a lot of different factors, some of which are hard to determine, but if the girl is sent in due time at a boot camp […]

What Are Teen Boot Camps?


Teen boot camps are institutions that deal with helping troubled teenagers get over their problems. Without the help of these institutions, many teenagers would have been lost to their problems. The programs of boot camps have saved more lives than can be counted and they helped countless teens to regain their lives. The most common […]

All you need to know about Self Harming Behaviors in Teenagers


What is meant by self harming behaviors? The tendency to harm one’s own body deliberately is known as self harming behavior. People dealing with emotional pain or unhappy with the circumstances are likely to self-harm themselves. It is considered to be a common problem among teenagers. There can be several self harming teen behaviors like: […]

Self-Harming – Another Form of Teen Expression


If we look at the statistics over 1% of the overall population has at one point in their lives inflicted a self-harming wound. If we look at the teenage population that percentage is more than 3%, so basically 1 out of 30 teenagers has committed an act of self-harming. People that are finding this confusing, scary or even think it’s stupid should continue reading, because this is just a way of teenagers to cope with their emotional problems and there is nothing to be frightened about.