All you need to know about Self Harming Behaviors in Teenagers


What is meant by self harming behaviors? The tendency to harm one’s own body deliberately is known as self harming behavior. People dealing with emotional pain or unhappy with the circumstances are likely to self-harm themselves. It is considered to be a common problem among teenagers. There can be several self harming teen behaviors like: […]

PCP Drug Liquid and Symptoms


PCP drug liquid and symptoms can really destroy a teenager’s life if parents do not catch on early enough to abuse of this substance. Are you worried that your teen might be taking drugs? Do you want to learn more about PCP so you can protect your teen and your family from this harmful drug? […]

Signs of Sexual Abuse in Teenagers


In the midst of all the squeamishness is the child. Met with inappropriate behavior from adults in the form of sexual requests and favors the child may soon be made to feel very much alone. Psychologists have said that children will make repeated attempts to call attention to their plight. Without even being aware of […]

Teens and Alcohol: A MUST Read Piece for Parents


Will our teens be capable of withstanding the temptation of excess alcohol consumption? How do we impress upon a mind in rebellion, the dangers of drinking too much? Lets take a good hard look at the world we live in. Looking, seeing and telling the truth has a lot going for it. It is true […]

Teen Drug Use: What Parents Must Know?


Teen drug use continues to plague our country. A study by the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research states that more teens than ever before are experimenting with drugs. This news is disturbing. Parents need to be aware of the signs that their teenager may be using drugs. If your teen exhibits any of […]

Difficult Teenage Children


That alone accounts for multitudes of difficult teens we have to day. What Will Parents Do About Their Difficult Teens? Since slamming the door and storming out, are not the only way to recognise difficult teens, what will parents do to solve the general problem of difficult teens? Here is a suggestion from on […]

Teen Substance Abuse – Teen Tobacco Abuse


We all know that there is a teen smoking problem in the US and the entire world. It’s cool to smoke, teens love it even more because it’s forbidden, and peer pressure plays a great role. We all know that, teens know that after all the education about tobacco and nicotine and harmful effects of […]

Teen Drug Abuse – Teen Steroid Abuse


Most parents don’t consider steroids when someone mentions teen drug abuse. That is mostly due to the fact that steroids are illegal for teens and they are not something that can be easily found on the streets, which is wrong. It is very easy for teens to get their hands on steroids; they can get […]