PCP Drug Abuse in Teens


Are you worried your teen might be experimenting with drugs? Do you want to know more about PCP drug so you can help educate your teen? PCP is short for Phencyclidine, which is often referred to as angel dust, KJ (Kristal Joint) or wet. Often referred to as the world’s most dangerous drug, PCP is […]

Internet Risks for Teenagers and Online Predation


Are you worried about the Internet risks for your teenager? Wondering how you can make sure your teen is safe from a lot of the scams or predators online? The best way to ensure your teen is safe online is to be really open to them about what risks they might find online. Many teenagers […]

Teen Substance Abuse Statistics, Charts and Graphs


Are you concerned that your teen might be abusing drugs? Perhaps you’re curious to what percentage of teens try and abuse drugs? In studies there seems to be a clear correlation between age and drug use. Youths aged between 12 and 17 abused drugs the most, with reports suggesting that 60.6% were dependent on or […]

How to deal with behavior issues in teenage children?


Parents find it challenging to cope up with the behavior issues in teenage children. This is a common problem for all the parents. Many children form the habit of lying or get indulged in drugs or alcohol at an early age. They do not listen to the parents and parents feel hurt. The sentiments of […]

Lie Upon Lie: How to Identify and Help a Compulsive Liar


Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Kathrine Kreger of Drug Addiction Retreat. Bending the truth a bit is something that just about everyone has done at one time or another. For compulsive liars, however, it is a way of life. These people routinely tell everyone they encounter falsehoods, and sometimes they do so […]

Different Types of Youth Violence


Is your teen violent? Are you wondering whether their violent behavior is normal or not? There are four main types of youth violence that affect families – if left untreated youth violence can wind up being a very serious issue. The four different types of youth violence are homicide, robbery, aggravated assault and rapes. While […]

How to manage explosive teen behavior?


If your teenage child is becoming rebellious day by day, you need to understand teen behavior and nature of your child. If your teenage child gets angry every now and then and you want a solution to control his anger, then you should use some tricks and tactics to deal with your child’s anger. You […]

List of Problem Behaviors in Teens


Are you struggling with your teen’s problem behaviors? Are you unsure what behavior is acceptable and what is unacceptable? Are you struggling to keep on top of your teen’s problem behaviors? Parenting teens can be a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a list of problem behaviors that many parents experience with their […]