I have several issues with my teenage daughter. What should I do?


My 16 years old daughter starting avoiding going to the school when she started getting acne on her face. Every now and then, she gave excuses to avoid going to the school. As it happened very frequently, I had to take her to a counselor and then I discovered that she was worried about her […]

Self Esteem Books For Teenagers


Are you worried about your teenager’s self esteem? Have you noticed a drop in your teenager’s confidence since they started high school or changed social groups? Many teens struggle with self-esteem throughout the teenage years. Low self-esteem can result in your teen making dangerous decisions, as they do not value themselves or their life fully. […]

Book Review: Only You Can Save Your Kids


This book written by clinical psychiatrist Dr. Michael J. Reznicek is a great book for the parents who want to save their children from drugs. Parents need to keep a check on their child’s actions. Children, especially during teenage, are likely to form the habits of drugs. It can lead to several serious problems. Before […]

Book Review: Defuse: A Mom’s Survival Guide for More Love, Less Anger


This is an excellent book for the parents who want to raise their children in an effective way. As there can be several problems associated with the children’s anger, you need to find out ways to tackle it. There cannot be a single solution for the kids’ anger. Defuse: A Mom’s Survival Guide for More […]

Book Review – The Path to Purpose: How Young People Find Their Calling in Life


Nice book! It contains the suggestions for adolescence life. If you’re a parent or a teenage child, this book is a good one for you to know the development in the early years of life. The teens should have a motivation in their life. William Damon brings the right sense of purpose in the young […]

Does your teenage child say, “You never understand me”?


You are not the only parent with this problem. This a common problem these days. The conflicts between parents and teenage children are obvious. Parents need to understand their teenage children. They need to understand that their kids are becoming adults and the drastic changes takes place in the child’s body and health. The teenage […]

Book Review: Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens: The Secrets about Money – That You Don’t Learn in School


This book is an excellent source of information about how to save the money. The short book is a must-read for the teens. They can learn how and why should they take care of finances. This teen-friendly book advises the children the secrets to become rich. The simple language is easy to understand for the […]

Quick and Effective Tips for Parenting Teenagers


Raising the teenage children can be a big problem for the parents. Here are some tips for parenting teenagers which can help the parents and the children: The teenagers do not like to be bombarded with the advice. Have you noticed how your teenage child reacts when you advice them? Adolescence is a confusing phase […]